About the hotel

Clarion Grandhotel Zlatý Lev in Liberec will impress you with its Art Nouveau beauty, pleasant staff and quality of service. This is the right choice if you want everything close to your hotel. The historic centre of Liberec is just around the corner, there is a smaller park opposite the hotel, Ještěd is within sight and the Jizera Mountains are within reach.

Choose your room, relax in the hotel wellness facility, and plan your evening in a modern Czech pub serving honest food. You’ll find everything you need during your stay in Liberec.

Use one of the three lounges for your important event, or even the large hall for up to 440 guests. Our experience will make organization and preparation easier and ensure everything goes smoothly.

117 rooms
100 years of history
4 space
for your events
440 guests


General information


Check⁠-⁠In ⁠-⁠ You are certainly welcome to arrive early, but please contact us in advance so we can agree on the details. Our reception is available 24/7. We’re looking forward to seeing you.


Check⁠-⁠Out ⁠-⁠ Please arrange for a late departure with us in advance. We’ll be happy to accommodate you if possible :)

Tastefully furnished rooms in which you’ll want to do more than just sleep. And when you do leave the warmth of your bed, visit one of our two restaurants, go to the wellness centre, or get fit in our fitness centre. A quiet park awaits you outside. The centre of Liberec is only a few steps away from the hotel’s entrance. Everything is within reach, just make a reservation and go.

  • 24⁠-⁠hour reception
  • Paid parking for cars and coaches
  • 2 restaurants
  • Lobby bar
  • Free Wi⁠-⁠Fi
  • Barrier⁠-⁠free rooms
  • Non⁠-⁠smoking hotel
  • Wellness & Fitness centre
  • Concierge
  • Pets welcome

History of the hotel


Grandhotel Zlatý Lev was designed and built by local Anton Worf in 1904⁠-⁠1905. You will be sure to notice the Art Noveau décor, which is evident on the facade itself. The first thing to catch your eye when looking at the hotel is the stylized lion’s head and bodyfrom which the hotel derives its name. The same motif is also present in the interior, especially in the wellness centre, which we recommend visiting.

The hotel itself was opened by Austro⁠-⁠Hungarian Emperor Franz Jozef I. on the occasion of the Czech⁠-⁠German exhibition in 1906. It quickly gained favour thanks to modern amenities and comfort, which necessitated the hotel’s expansion into the neighbouring building dating from 1896. Today you can still stay in the historic turret in the Ještěd apartment.

The hotel has been a part of the CPI Hotels, a.s. network since 2007. We’re gradually bringing it back to its original beauty and splendour through a sensitive renovation process.

The oldest of the hotel’s predecessors, the U Zlatého Iva inn, existed on the site of what is now the town hall as early as the 16th century.

There is a brief description of the inn dating back to 1682, when it became municipal property after the end of the Thirty Years' War. The building was constructed out of wood, and the ground floor contained the inn’s main room with two tables and benches, and a green⁠-⁠tiled stove. Guests were accommodated in two rooms on the first floor. The inn also had stables. At the end of the 18th century, the inn was renovated and gradually expanded. Actor Václav Thám and his group of travelling actors performed in the additionally built hall in 1799.

In 1853 Emperor Ferdinand I stayed in the U Zlatého Iva inn with his entourage. Well⁠-⁠known Czech journalist and poet Jan Neruda visited Liberec in 1865 and he mentioned the elegant environment of the inn in his column. On the occasion of the upcoming Liberec expo in 1906 and with the knowledge that the hotel was no longer able to keep up with the growing city, the hotel’s owner, Raimund Haschke,, built a new hotel in the beautiful surroundings of the château park on Gutenbergova Street, which was considered to be one of the finest establishments in the entire country at the time it was built.

A beautiful four⁠-⁠storey Art Noveau building with 100 rooms for guests, including several luxuriously furnished apartments, was constructed as a result. Next to the hall on the ground floor, the hotel had a writing room and a reading room, a dining room, a restaurant, dressing rooms, meeting rooms and a restaurant terrace.

The kitchen was equipped with the most modern equipment of the time, including an electric dishwasher and refrigerator. Not only did the hotel have an electric lift, it also had several bathrooms, a darkroom, a barber shop and a telephone room. Common rooms were equipped with electric fans and gas lighting. Rooms had hot running water, electric lights and rugs, which were cleaned with an American hoover. The stables in the yard were converted into garages for the modern vehicles of the day.

Extensive renovation work took place from 1956 to 1959, during which a new hotel café was constructedall the rooms were connected to the hot and cold water mains and telephones and radios were installed. Over the following decades, Grandhotel Zlatý Lev was considered one of the finest enterprises of its kind and was part of the Interhotel network at that time. Over the years, history and refinement have combined with modern elements to meet the needs and expectations of the guests of a 4⁠-⁠star hotel. The result of their marriage now means preservation of one of Liberec’s crowning jewels with the level of the 4 * standard of the Clarion brand.

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Prominent figures


Over the past hundred years, many prominent figures have chosen us as a destination. Experience the comfort and refinement for which they chose us.

  • Ludwig Ganghofer
  • Otto Ernst
  • Hermann Bahr
  • Gerhard Hauptmann
  • E.G. Kolbenheyer
  • M.A.Nexö
  • Max Brod
  • Mirko Jelusich
  • Hanz Watzlik
  • Marie Hamsunová
  • Gunner Gunnarson
  • Clara Nordströmová
  • Zuzka Zguriška
  • František Kubka
Composers, conductors and concert musicians
  • Oskar Nedbal
  • Eugen d’Albert
  • Leo Slezak
  • Johann Strauss
  • Váša Příhoda
  • Václav Talich
  • Quarneri Quartet
  • Quartetto di Roma
  • Erna Sack
  • Galina Višněvskaja
  • Karel Vlach and his Orchestra
  • Werner Egk
  • Jaroslav Křička
Travellers and athletes
  • Roald Amundsen
  • Petr Aschenbrenner
  • František Plánička a st. garda int.
  • Emil Zátopek
  • Dana Zátopková
  • Josef Laufer
  • Eva Romanová
  • Pavel Roman
Politicians and statesmen, military commanders
  • Dr. Edvard Beneš
  • Dr. Kamil Krofta
  • Robert Stepford
  • Dr. Zdeněk Nejedlý
  • Prokop Drtina
  • Antonín Zápotocký
  • Antonín Novotný
  • František Krajčír
  • Viliam Široký
  • Ivan V. Spiridonov
  • Josef Lenárt
  • arm.gen. Svoboda
  • Marshal A.I.Yeryomenko
Theatre and film actors, directors
  • Henny Porten
  • Erich Ponto
  • Jelizaveta Nikolskaja
  • Conrad Veidt
  • Olga Tschechowa
  • Horald Kreutzberg
  • Paul Hörbiger
  • Paula Wessely
  • Gustav Fröhlich
  • Eduard Kohout
  • Jiřina Štěpničková
  • Vladimír Leraus
  • Jaroslav Kvapil
  • Jindřich Plachta
  • Boris Čirkov
  • Pavel Kodočnikov
  • Eduard von Winsterstein
  • Jiří Sequens
  • Jan Pivec
  • Jaroslav Marvan
  • František Kreuzmann
  • František Filipovský
  • Josef Bek

Hotel surroundings


Liberec, with its large Neo⁠-⁠Renaissance town hall, is an ideal destination for family vacations, a girls’ night out or sports with a group of friends. The world⁠-⁠famous hyperboloid television transmitter on Ještěd rises above the city on one side. And the Jizera Mountains, offering a wide range of sports activities, are on the other side. In the summer you can go for walks or cycling, in winter we recommend it as an ideal destination for cross⁠-⁠country skiers.

Things to do in Liberec
  • Town hall building
  • Zoo and Botanical Garden
  • Water park, iQandie and iQPARK
  • Ještěd television transmitter
  • Ferdinand Porsche's family home
  • Technical Museum
  • Dinopark
  • Escape games
Things to do in the summer
  • Hiking in the Jizera Mountains
  • Ještěd television transmitter
  • Cycling
  • Castles and châteaux in the region (Sychrov, Frýdlant, Grabštejn, Bezděz, Houska, Trosky and others)
Things to do in winter
  • Dozens of kilometres of cross⁠-⁠country skiing trails
  • Ještěd: 9.2 km of downhill runs of all difficulty levels
  • Obří sud Javorník ski centre
  • Glass and jewellery museum in Jablonec nad Nisou